Estació Nàutica Costa Daurada

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To sail has never been easier... All types of boats with Estació Nàutica

Its waters have been ploughed through for a long time by some of the most important civilizations of history. In these waters, they have written their most brilliant pages…

For all of them, the area of Sant Jordi’s Gulf, which comprises the coast between Cap Salou and the Ebro’s Delta, offered many possibilities. Years after it keeps offering great attractions for sailing lovers and it allows them to enjoy the sea, the breeze, the wind, and all the colours and aromas range characteristics of this rich and diverse territory.

Estació Nàutica offers to all the sea lovers the possibility to plough through the sea of this littoral on a motor or sailing boat. Diverse companies specialized in boats rental have available a large and varied boats fleet to satisfy the demand of all sorts of clients, from the most adventurous ones to the most demanding ones. We put at your disposal from the smallest boats that don’t require any boat license, to big boats in which you’ll be able to stay overnight.

Sailing on any of the boats that Estació Nàutica offers means to do it accompanied by a professional and experienced skipper that knows perfectly the waters of Sant Jordi’s Gulf. It also means, in the case of having a boat license, to be able to discover hidden beaches and appealing coves that decorate our littoral on your own.

For those who have never driven a boat, we also have available boats that don’t require any driving license. These are small 4 meters length boats with a maximum capacity for 4-5 people. These boats are perfect to give your first steps with the rudder and do it with your family, sailing the littoral, enjoying the landscape and surroundings, the most fantastic way to discover the sea from a different perspective.

All kinds of sailing boats, motor boats with different capacities, boats equipped for a fishing trip... Estació Nàutica puts at your disposal different ways of leisure in the sea.

To enjoy the sea has never been easier and affordable for everybody. It’s possible to do it on a small 4 meters length boat or on board a modern and fully equipped sailing boat. Estació Nàutica has the boats you just have to want to discover and enjoy the sea.